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The Ellendale MO Locksmith Store team work tirelessly to ensure commercial business security success in Ellendale by providing them our full suite of security systems and locksmith consultation. The extensive history between Ellendale MO Locksmith Store and business security success is a very positive one, and the plethora of practical knowledge gained through years of experience allow Ellendale MO Locksmith Store to perfect a security system individualized for your business needs.

Our reputation for quick response time was gained only through providing the fastest response time in the industry; our specialists can arrive at your facility within the hour to address all your security needs. Our locksmiths are fully capable of analyzing your current security measures and making suggestions based on your personal security wishes. Ellendale MO Locksmith Store services are ideal for any business seeking the strengthening of their facility’s security, including:

  • Ellendale MO Locksmith Store, St. Louis, MO 314-480-6440Restaurants
  • Office Spaces
  • Assisted Living Care Centers
  • Business Outlets
  • Schools / Universities
  • Hotels / Motels
  • Hospitals
  • Apartments
  • Banks


Each of our staff members at Ellendale MO Locksmith Store maintains an individual wealth of knowledge, which when combined with the experiences and knowledge of fellow team members, provides an absolute surplus of practical experience. Our staff is also engaged in many training opportunities, which makes Ellendale MO Locksmith Store a comprehensive resource for entrepreneurs and small business owners especially, helping aid them in identifying and protecting their most precious assets and valuables.

Ellendale MO Locksmith Store specializes in the implementation of exclusive keyway systems, which generate a unique key that cannot be duplicated. Keyway systems are a high-security system that allows only certain people access. We also specialize in installing master key and sub-master key systems, which allow specific people into specific floors or rooms. Ellendale MO Locksmith Store takes a focus on maintaining secure spaces, such as safes, and also services existing safes and vaults.

Ellendale MO Locksmith Store can easily install a master key system, which gives trusted employees access to highly sensitive areas without risking the universal access most commercial buildings traditionally have. Ellendale MO Locksmith Store specializes in large-scale projects, and our technicians are highly capable of changing every lock in a building overnight to prepare for new management or a similar situation.

Our Ellendale clients enjoy high-security, high-tech security systems, specifically the electronic access system. The electronic access system electronically reads credentials instead of using the traditional analog key, and the credentials can be activated or deactivated at the will of the business owner. This system is highly valuable, as each individual person can be allowed or denied access on a isolated basis.

For companies desiring a more sensitive security system, especially those that boast large glass windows or walls, motion sensitive security systems are highly desirable. These systems are highly modifiable, and can be fitted to any windowsill, doorway or sensitive area perfectly. Ellendale MO Locksmith Store is especially willing to help you design the perfect security system based on what is already installed, and which areas you would like bolstered. Motion sensitive systems are especially helpful in situations where burglars are familiar with traditional security systems, an the local Ellendale officers will be immediately notified of any suspicious behavior.

The locksmith services Ellendale MO Locksmith Store provides to Ellendale commercial businesses clients helps them design the perfect security system and measures for their individual facility needs.